Slidell Naturalization and Citizenship Lawyer

Slidell Naturalization and Citizenship Lawyer

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Many people dream of becoming United States citizens. Although the complexity of the process can seem daunting, an experienced Slidell naturalization and citizenship lawyer will help you navigate the system quickly and effectively. The immigration lawyers at the Law Office of James A. Graham assist immigrants and lawful permanent residents in their quest for citizenship. We review forms for accuracy, ensure that they are correctly submitted, get applicants the training they need to pass English and civics exams, and prepare them for their personal examination with a USCIS officer. If your dream is to become an American citizen, we’ll help you get there.

Who can seek U.S. citizenship through the naturalization process?

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Individuals who meet specific criteria can pursue U.S. citizenship through the naturalization process. Here are the requirements:

Lawful permanent resident for five years

  • Be at least 18 years old when submitting Form N-400 (Application for Naturalization).
  • Demonstrate continuous residence in the U.S. for five years before filing the naturalization application.
  • Show at least 30 months of physical presence in the U.S. during the five years preceding naturalization.
  • Reside for at least three months in the state or USCIS district of your residence.

Married to a U.S. citizen

  • Those who have been lawful permanent residents for three years and are married to a U.S. citizen can apply for naturalization.
  • Additional requirements include being 18 or older, residing in a marital union for three years, and meeting residency and physical presence criteria.

Member of the U.S. military

  • Completed Forms N-400 and N-426
  • Received honorable discharge
  • Lawful permanent resident at the time of naturalization interview
  • Meet residence and physical presence criteria
  • Spouses and family members of military members may also apply if they meet specific requirements

General requirements for all applicants

  • Demonstrate good moral character
  • Exhibit attachment to U.S. Constitution principles
  • Proficiency in speaking, writing, and reading basic English
  • Knowledge and understanding of U.S. history, principles, and government
  • Take an Oath of Allegiance to the U.S.

Some applicants might be able to take the civics test in a language of their choice instead of the English test.

Are children entitled to U.S. citizenship?

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In general, children can attain U.S. citizenship in one of two ways: by being born to parents who are U.S. citizens and, in the case of adoption, after birth but before turning 18. If a child is born outside the U.S., the applicable law is determined by the regulations in place at the time of the child's birth. A child born outside the United States automatically gains U.S. citizenship if the following conditions are met on or after February 27, 2001:


  • The child is under 18 years old.
  • The child holds lawful permanent residency in the U.S.
  • The child has at least one parent (including an adoptive parent) who is a U.S. citizen either by birth or through naturalization.
  • The child resides in the U.S. under the legal and physical custody of the U.S. citizen parent.

Do I need an attorney to become a U.S. citizen?

While it's not a requirement to hire an attorney to navigate the U.S. naturalization process, many individuals find having legal representation beneficial. Whether you need an attorney depends on your individual circumstances and comfort level with the process. Here are some things to consider:

  • The complexity of your case. If your situation is straightforward and you meet all the eligibility requirements without any complications, you may feel confident navigating the process independently. However, if your case involves legal complexities, past immigration issues, or exceptional circumstances, retaining an attorney might be a good option for you.
  • Language barrier. If you are not fluent in English, having an attorney who can assist with the language requirements and guide you through the process in your native language can be helpful.
  • Legal expertise. Immigration laws are complex and frequently change. A Slidell attorney focusing on immigration law will have up-to-date knowledge and expertise to provide accurate advice.
  • Document preparation. An attorney can help ensure that all required forms are correctly filled out and submitted to help eliminate delays or complications in the process.
  • Interview preparation. Attorneys prepare applicants for the naturalization interview by advising them on the types of questions that may be asked to help them present their case effectively.
  • Appeals and troubleshooting. An attorney can guide you through the appeals process or troubleshoot problems that may arise.

Hiring an attorney can provide peace of mind, knowing that a legal professional is overseeing your case and ensuring all necessary steps are taken. The immigration attorneys at the Law Office of James A. Graham will help you move through the process as quickly and easily as possible.

What is the naturalization examination?

USCIS conducts a thorough examination of all applicants seeking naturalization to ensure compliance with eligibility criteria. The investigation involves:

  • Security and criminal background checks
  • A comprehensive review of the applicant's complete immigration record
  • In-person interview(s) involving oral and written testimony
  • English and civics proficiency tests
  • Evaluation for eligibility for a disability exception, if applicable.

The interview is conducted under oath, during which the USCIS officer gathers both oral and written testimony. The officer can subpoena witnesses, call for evidence, and administer the oath of allegiance. Questions typically focus on the following:

  • Biographical details (such as marital history and military service)
  • Lawful permanent resident (LPR) admission details and duration
  • Absences from the U.S.
  • Employment history
  • Places of residence
  • Affiliations or memberships in specific organizations
  • Adherence to the principles of the U.S. Constitution
  • Moral character
  • Criminal history
  • Willingness to take the oath of allegiance to the U.S.
  • Proficiency in English and knowledge of U.S. civics

Following the initial naturalization interview, USCIS has a 120-day window to make a decision on the application.

Can my naturalization confirmation be revoked?

Naturalization can be nullified through either a civil process or after a criminal conviction. This nullification, also known as denaturalization, requires a federal court hearing, and the government must meet stringent criteria for both civil and criminal proceedings. The primary reasons for civil revocation include "Illegal procurement of naturalization" or "concealment of a material fact or willful misrepresentation." Our immigration lawyers in Slidell will clarify situations that could lead to the initiation of revocation proceedings.

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