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Numerous legal residents in the U.S. pursue green cards (granting permanent residency) and visas (allowing temporary residency) for their spouses, children, parents, and other relatives. Additionally, many foreign workers are sponsored by employers. However, obtaining lawful permanent residency—the right to stay in America—can be elaborate and demanding. At the Law Office of James A. Graham, our immigration lawyers in Slidell have assisted numerous individuals and families in overcoming the obstacles presented by U.S. immigration laws. Whether you are seeking a change of status, pursuing asylum, or facing potential removal, we can help. Contact us in Slidell today to start the process.

What types of cases do your Slidell immigration lawyers handle?

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The Law Office of James A. Graham offers comprehensive guidance to those wanting to establish themselves in the United States. Navigating the complexities of our immigration system can be challenging, and with no help, you may feel overwhelmed. Our immigration attorneys in Slidell assist with numerous immigration matters, including:

We also represent individuals seeking asylum or refugee status, as well as those confronted with removal proceedings. Whatever your specific needs may be, our team is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way.

What are the two ways to start the path to citizenship?

For those who want to attain U.S. citizenship, there are two primary avenues:

  • Consular processing. The application and approval process for legal status by foreign nationals residing outside the U.S.
  • Adjustment of Status (AOS): This process allows foreign nationals currently residing in the U.S. to apply for permanent legal resident status and get a green card.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) offers various methods to pursue consular approval or adjust immigration status. Two standard options include:

  • Family-based immigration: Generally, individuals related to U.S. citizens or green card holders can apply for adjustment of status, sponsored by their relative. This typically includes spouses, fiancé(e)s, parents, and children, with some eligibility for more distant relatives, although annual limitations apply.
  • Employment-based immigration (work visas): U.S. immigration laws encourage foreigners with specific qualifications, such as extraordinary ability, research activities, managerial or executive roles, advanced degrees, skilled work, professional status, or investment capacity, to apply for a work visa. There are different preferences for work visas based on individual qualifications, although unskilled workers may be eligible under specific categories.
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Is lawful permanent residence the same as naturalization?

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Some individuals come to the U.S. temporarily, either for employment or educational reasons, while others want to establish permanent residency and eventually become U.S. citizens. Our immigration attorneys in Slidell advocate for individuals seeking:

  • Lawful permanent residence: This designation allows immigrants to reside permanently in the U.S., contingent upon compliance with American laws. Those with permanent legal residency must obtain a "green card" as proof of their status.
  • Naturalization and citizenship: Acquiring formal American citizenship is a significant achievement. Although citizenship is automatically conferred to individuals born in America to parents who are U.S. citizens, naturalization is the way immigrants not born to American parents can obtain citizenship. Our team will assist you throughout the naturalization process and address any citizenship-related concerns.

Should I bring anything to my consultation with a Slidell immigration lawyer?

The application and interview process is extensive and can be overwhelming. The Law Office of James A. Graham is committed to assisting individuals throughout the entire citizenship process. Although we prefer face-to-face interaction, we also offer consultations via phone, email, or video for potential clients for whom an in-person meeting is not practical or convenient.

When you come for the consultation, be prepared to discuss your application, your history of coming to the U.S., and your future living plans. We aim to establish a personal connection with you and ask that you bring the following:

  • Documentation: Bring all relevant documentation related to your immigration case. Providing comprehensive documentation will facilitate an accurate assessment of your immigration options.
  • Interpreters: While English is our primary language, we know that it may not be for many immigrants. If you are not proficient in English, please bring a family member or friend who can assist with translation.
  • Your spouse, fiancé(e), or sponsor: If your immigration case is based on marriage to a U.S. citizen or employment through a U.S. employer, we request that you bring that person to the consultation.

What can I expect at my initial consultation with your Slidell immigration attorneys?

Meeting with an attorney can be overwhelming, especially when you're navigating a move to a new country or seeking to remain in the U.S. with your family. This is why the initial consultation is so significant. In this initial meeting, we try to:

  • Gain insight into your history and immigration background
  • Address any questions you may have regarding your immigration case
  • Formulate an immigration strategy, especially if you want to become a US citizen
  • Clarify the fees and provide cost estimates

During the initial consultation, we do not assess the completeness of your paperwork, and it is your responsibility to ensure that your documentation is completed accurately. However, we are happy to answer specific questions about the application process and guide you on your next steps.

How much will a Slidell immigration lawyer cost?

Immigration cases are unique, much like the individuals themselves. While we strive to offer consistent flat-rate legal fees, accurately estimating the cost of your case requires an initial meeting, a review of your documents, and a comprehensive understanding of the services necessary for a successful resolution. As a result, our office typically applies a flat legal fee depending on the specific details and complexity of your case.

It's important to note that the federal government imposes filing fees, and attorneys have no control over these costs. USCIS provides a comprehensive list of fees for each form, which you can access here.

Are Louisiana’s immigration laws different from federal immigration laws?

Federal law primarily governs immigration, determining factors such as which countries receive Temporary Protected Status, the federal benefits accessible to immigrants (both legal and undocumented), and the annual allocation of visas. For instance, federal law allows lawful permanent residents to sponsor family members for immigration, qualify for Social Security in retirement, and potentially reside in the US permanently.

While state laws are intended to align with federal laws, they frequently differ across states. In Louisiana, for instance, employers are mandated to use E-Verify when hiring immigrants to ensure their legal status. Legal immigrants in the state may apply for a driver's license, subject to specific rules and exceptions. Moreover, all immigrants, regardless of their documentation status, can seek workers' compensation if injured on the job. Our team will explain how the state and federal laws relate to your situation and case.

What if I’m facing removal from Louisiana to another country?

If an immigrant commits criminal acts, poses a threat to public safety, or violates their visa, the U.S. may initiate removal proceedings (deportation) against them. At the Law Office of James A. Graham, our deportation lawyers in Slidell are dedicated advocates for individuals confronting official deportation proceedings and will fight to protect your right to remain in the U.S.

Do you have a Slidell immigration lawyer near me?

The Law Office of James A. Graham is located at 1929 2nd St. #A in Slidell, and also in New Orleans. Our immigration lawyers represent clients across South Louisiana, and if you cannot travel to Slidell, we also offer phone or video conferences.

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The Law Office of James A. Graham assists individuals in or around Slidell with any immigration-related inquiries. We provide insights into how immigration laws impact your specific situation and offer guidance through the immigration process and its associated challenges. To learn more, call us or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation with an experienced immigration lawyer in Slidell.