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The immigration lawyers at the Law Office of James A. Graham assist foreign nationals in Slidell and throughout South Louisiana who want to apply for an adjustment of status. We will take you step by step, explain each requirement, and help you navigate the challenges that the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) presents. Our attorneys assist those already in the United States in obtaining green card status through an adjustment of status without returning to their country of origin. Those residing in a foreign country must apply for a green card through their nation’s consular process.

Am I eligible for an adjustment of status in Slidell?

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Our lawyers will review your eligibility for a green card at your initial consultation. To qualify for a green card, you must fall under one of the immigrant categories and meet the associated requirements. While our immigration lawyers in Slidell primarily assist families and individuals with employment-based visas, other green card eligibility categories include:

  • Green card as a special immigrant
  • Green card obtained through refugee or asylee status
  • Green card for victims of human trafficking and crimes
  • Green card for victims of abuse
  • Green card through alternative categories
  • Green card via the registry process

Eligibility through the adjustment of status process also demands physical presence in the U.S. and possession of an immigrant visa.

Who is eligible to file the petition for adjustment of status in Louisiana?

A sponsor who is a U.S. citizen (or a lawful permanent resident in Louisiana) usually initiates the adjustment of status request. However, our lawyers will clarify instances where applicants may independently submit their petitions.


The application generally involves both an immigrant petition and a green card petition. Various immigration petition forms exist based on eligibility categories and other factors. Form I-130 is filed by the sponsor (U.S. citizen or LPR) on behalf of the immigrant, while Form I-140 is used for immigrant petitions related to alien workers. Other forms that can be used for immigration petition approval include:



Form I-485, which is used to adjust status to attain lawful permanent resident status, can be filed after the immigration petition is approved. However, whether or not Form I-485 can be used depends on visa availability in the relevant category. Family preference limits and country caps affect the number of available visas annually.


To navigate the process, USCIS recommends checking the Visa Bulletin website, Visa Availability and Priority Pages, and Adjustment of Status Filing Charts. These resources can be confusing—we will help you determine your eligibility status and will also explain any exceptions and additional conditions for both the immigration petition and the adjustment of status petition.

What takes place at the Application Assistance Center (ASC) appointment?

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After Form I-485 is submitted, the USCIS will issue a notice for a biometrics services appointment at a local Application Support Center (ASC), and you will be instructed to provide your fingerprints, photograph, and/or signature. Biometrics are used to verify your identity and perform mandatory background and security checks. You will also be required to sign an acknowledgment certifying the completeness, truthfulness, and accuracy of all information your application provides. If you cannot attend the appointment, our attorneys will assist you in rescheduling to avoid having your Form I-485 petition denied.

Do I have to attend an interview?

USCIS will decide whether you have to participate in an interview, and if an interview is required, you will receive a notification specifying the time and location. During the interview, you will be sworn in and required to respond to inquiries regarding the information on your I-485 petition. Original documents supporting the I-485 petition, such as passports, official travel documents, and Form I-94, regardless if they are expired, must be provided.

What additional information may be required for an adjustment of status application in Slidell?

According to the State Department, USCIS might request supplementary evidence under the following circumstances:

  • You failed to submit all the required evidence
  • The evidence you submitted is no longer valid
  • The officer requires additional information to assess your eligibility

The notice for this request will specify when and where your response is needed, and we will help you acquire and furnish the essential information. Not every applicant will receive a request for additional evidence.

How do I find out if my adjustment of status request was accepted?


You can monitor the progress of your adjustment of status petition online, by phone, or through TTY if you are disabled. USCIS suggests having your receipt number, name, A-Number, and date of birth ready for this purpose.


Notification of the application's processing status will be provided in writing by USCIS. In the case of approval, you will receive an approval notice followed by the issuance of your green card for lawful permanent resident status. If the application is denied, USCIS will elucidate the reasons for the denial. Typically, there is no avenue for appeal, but you may request a reconsideration. Should you return to your home country, you might have the option to submit a new application for a green card from abroad.

What documentation is needed for my adjustment of status application?

Information requirements vary based on your immigration category. For instance, if you are sponsoring a spouse, presenting a marriage certificate is essential, among other stipulations.

Here are some standard requirements:

  • Completed forms
  • Paid application fee
  • Birth certificate
  • Two recent passport-style photos
  • A copy of your non-immigrant visa
  • Biographical details
  • Medical records detailing an immigration medical examination and vaccination history
  • Form I-94 – Arrival/departure record
  • Other pertinent documentation

Family immigration visas are frequently sought when an American citizen or LPR is engaged to a foreign national or seeks to bring a child of either partner to the U.S. Additionally, numerous employers and U.S. businesses sponsor employees to enable them to work and reside in the U.S.

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The Law Office of James A. Graham is located at 1929 2nd St. #A in Slidell, and also in New Orleans. Our immigration lawyers represent clients across South Louisiana, and if you cannot travel to Slidell, we also offer phone or video conferences.

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