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At the Law Office of James A. Graham, our competent SSI lawyers and SSDI lawyers in Slidell assist claimants both before they file their initial claims and if their claims have been denied by the Social Security Administration. Our legal team examines the reasons for the denial, collaborates with medical professionals to confirm disabilities, and reviews all other eligibility criteria, including work history, income, and assets. Many individuals who attempt to file claims independently often face challenges, and despite their eligibility for benefits, they may not succeed because they are missing crucial information. Fortunately, if your claim is rejected, you can request a reconsideration and a formal hearing before an administrative law judge.

Contacting us promptly upon claim denial is crucial, as many claims succeed through appeals.

Can I appeal a denial of an SSI or SSDI application for benefits in Slidell?

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You are typically given a 60-day window from the denial date (as indicated in your written notice) to initiate an appeal. There are four appeal categories:

  • Reconsideration
  • A hearing conducted by an administrative law judge
  • Review by the Appeals Council
  • Federal court review

We will guide you through the correct filing procedures, covering both online and written appeal submissions.

What is a reconsideration request?

When you ask for a reconsideration, you request a fresh evaluation of your claim by a new claims examiner. This examiner will review the documentation you initially submitted and any new documents you provide, e.g., updated medical information about a disability. The reconsideration request provides an opportunity for you to describe why you disagree with the denial and why you believe you qualify for federal benefits.

Reconsideration requests are typically classified into medical appeals (challenges to denials based on disability or blindness) and non-medical appeals (challenges to denials related to other eligibility criteria, such as exceeding income limits for an SSI claim or lacking sufficient work credits for an SSDI claim).

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What does it mean to request a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge?


If a request for reconsideration is turned down, individuals applying for SSI and SSDI can request a hearing. This right to request a hearing is applicable to initial claim denials and decisions by the SSA to terminate benefits due to a failure to meet eligibility criteria.

While the hearing process may take time, filing a proper request is crucial. An appeal often represents the best opportunity to secure a favorable decision if you present accurate evidence and make compelling arguments. It is highly advisable that you consult with our experienced SSI and SSDI denial and appeals lawyers in Slidell.

You are given 60 days following the previous determination, e.g., the denial of your reconsideration request, to submit a hearing request in writing or online. Our team of SSI and SSDI appeals lawyers will analyze the grounds for your denial, carefully reviewing each eligibility requirement and working diligently to ensure that you provide the correct evidence to substantiate each criterion. For example, if your SSI or SSDI claim is based on a disability, we work with your physicians to demonstrate how your disability impedes substantial gainful activity and will persist for at least a year or will likely result in death.

What happens at an SSI or SSDI appeals hearing in Slidell?

The administrative law judge (ALJ) presides over the hearing, which will go something like this:

  • The participating parties will include you, our law firm, and the judge.
  • The ALJ may call a doctor or vocational expert to testify during the hearing.
  • We have the same right to present a doctor or vocational expert to testify on your behalf, either in person or through written testimony.
  • You have the right to call witnesses who can assist in supporting your claim of disability.
  • During the hearing, the judge and our SSI and SSDI appeals lawyers will pose questions to you and any witnesses present. Don’t worry: we will go over the likely questions beforehand at our office.
  • The hearing, although potentially recorded, is generally informal.

Following the hearing, the ALJ will issue a written decision. If the decision is in your favor, you will receive the SSI or SSDI benefits you applied for. If the ALJ denies your appeal, you can file a request for review with the Appeals Council. We will keep you informed about the location of the hearing.

How does the Appeals Council review process work?

You must submit a request for an Appeals Council review with the Social Security Administration (SSA) within 60 days of receiving the denial from the hearing. Our lawyers will discuss your claim and its merits with you and handle the appeal process on your behalf. Unlike the initial hearing, this review doesn't involve a hearing or oral arguments. Instead, the Appeals Council will evaluate the Administrative Law Judge's (ALJ) decision to determine whether it was correct. If the Appeals Council decides that a review is necessary, it will make a decision independently or forward the appeal to another ALJ for evaluation. You also have the option to present reasons why the ALJ's decision was incorrect. The lawyers at the Law Office of James A. Graham can handle this process for you.

Do you have a Slidell SSI or SSDI appeals lawyer near me?

Yes, the Law Office of James A. Graham is located in Slidell and New Orleans. We serve clients throughout South Louisiana and offer phone or video conferences for those unable to travel to our locations.

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The process of applying for SSI and SSDI can be both challenging and complex. Even when you believe you've followed all the correct steps, the Social Security Administration may still deny your claim. At the Law Office of James A. Graham, our competent Social Security lawyers will painstakingly examine the grounds for denial. But don’t lose hope—many denials are reversed through the appeal process. When you add supplementary documentation and further arguments to your claim, this can significantly enhance your chances of success on appeal. If your SSI or SSDI claim has been denied, reach out to us by calling or completing our contact form to arrange a complimentary consultation with one of our Social Security denial and appeals lawyers in Slidell today.