Immigration Law

Our world is changing, and it can be frightening but we are here to assist you. There are two main ways to becoming an American citizen:

  • Adjustment of status (AOS): the process in which foreign nationals living in the United States can petition for permanent legal residency status and obtain their “green card.” This application is open to a variety of individuals, but is most commonly used by fiancés and spouses of current American citizens. It is one of two primary paths to becoming a permanent US resident.

  • Consular Processing: the process in which foreign nationals who do not currently live in the United States can apply for and receive legal status (the second path to becoming a US resident).

The application and interview process for both paths can be long and at times overwhelming. Attorney James A. Graham will work with you from the first step to the end when you become a citizen. He is here for you.

Call us to set up a FREE initial consult to discuss your options and to see how Immigration Attorney James A. Graham can assist you.

Immigration Consultation

Becoming a US citizen is a very detailed and long process and we want to be there for you. You need to work with someone you can talk to and trust. Mr. Graham is that person. After your initial consult, if you are interested in working with Mr. Graham or need more advice about your immigration options, we would encourage you to set up an immigration consultation.

While our office prefers in-person immigration consultations so that you can meet with Mr. Graham face to face, our office also offers consultations by phone, email, or Skype to potential clients if an in-person consultation is not feasible or convenient.

Our office accepts all major credit/debit cards and payment in check or money order.

What You’ll Need to Bring to Your Immigration Consult to Discuss Becoming an American Citizen

Come ready to discuss your application, including the history of how you came to the United States, as well as where you want to live in the future. Mr. Graham would like to get to know you on a personal level. You’ll need to bring the following:

  • Documentation: Bring all documentation related to your immigration matter. The more documentation you bring us, the easier it will be for us to accurately evaluate your immigration options.

  • Interpreters: English is our primary language, but we understand for many immigrants it is not. If you cannot speak in English, please ask a family member or friend who can speak English to come with you to the consult.

  • Your spouse, fiancé or sponsor: If your immigration case is based on marriage to a US citizen, or employment through a US employer, we ask that you bring that person to the consultation.

What You Can Expect from Your Initial Consult to Discuss Becoming a Legal US Citizen

During the immigration consult (after the initial free consult), Mr. Graham will dive into the history of you. He wants to know your story. This consult is when Mr. Graham will do the following:

  • Gather an understanding of your history and immigration background;
  • Answer questions that you have about your immigration case;
  • Discuss and develop an immigration strategy to becoming a US citizen;
  • Explain fees and estimates of costs so you’re aware and can plan for your future.
Managing Your Expectations

Attorney Graham cannot review your paperwork for completeness or accuracy. You have to complete your paperwork correctly. We can assist with answering specific questions regarding the application process and your next steps.

Immigration Fees Vary from Case to Case

No two immigration cases are the same. It’s important to remember that just as you are an individual, so too is your immigration case. Mr. Graham will get to know you and your entire history, so he can better answer your questions and navigate the application process with you. While we try to provide consistent flat rate legal fees, we cannot adequately estimate the cost of your case without first meeting you, reviewing your documents and obtaining a firm understanding of the services needed for a successful outcome. Our office will typically charge a flat legal fee, which varies based on the facts and complexity of your case.

Working with an Immigration Lawyer

If you would like to arrange an immigration consultation, please call our office at 985.202.8110 or submit a request through our contact form online. You can also email us at

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Contact Us For a Free Consultation