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Divorce is hard, and it gets harder when there are kids involved. Attorney James A. Graham, Jr. understands that when a relationship ends involving children, the children are the top priority. Mr. Graham will give you the legal guidance you need relating to child custody. He will work with you to ease your worries and assist in developing an effective, carefully laid out strategy that benefits both you and your children. He will work with you to give you the assistance you need to look to the future and protect you and your child’s best interests. Attorney James Graham is here for you.

Child Custody / Visitation: Knowing Your Rights & Options

Before beginning the process of deciding child custody, it is important to understand the custody terminology and concepts in Louisiana. We have outlined them below:

  • Sole Custody: This refers to one parent having full custody over the child and having the right to make all educational and medical decisions, without the input or advice of the other parent. The other parent may or may not be allowed visitation, and this visitation may or may not be supervised.

    • Visitation: In sole custody, the parents also must decide on visitation rights that allow the non-custodial parent to take custody of the child for specific, regularly scheduled periods of time. Parents can negotiate the visitation plan themselves or the court can develop one.

  • Joint Custody: This refers to one parent having physical custody of the child most the time, while the other parent may get the child a few nights per week or on weekends. The parent with primary custody is also known as the domiciliary parent. The primary custodial parent talks with the other parent regarding educational and medical decisions, however, the domiciliary parent’s opinion is usually the final decision, without court intervention.

  • Shared Custody: This refers to both parents having an equal amount of physical custody with the child, usually one week with each, but not necessarily so. In shared custody, there is commonly no domiciliary parent.

Family courts and parents will almost always take the best interest of the child into account when determining the custody and visitation plans. The courts, and parents to an extent, consider each parents’ history and finances, and relationships with the children, as well as the children’s mental, physical, and emotional needs. Often the courts consider keeping a consistent lifestyle important when making these decisions. Stability for the children is a key factor.

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