If You’re Ready to Get Divorced, You Need a Plan

If You’re Ready to Get Divorced, You Need a PlanIf you are thinking about filing for divorce, you need a clear plan that allows you to protect your rights and supports your ability to start over with the best possible resources.

As a long-term, proven divorce attorney in New Orleans, The Law Office of James A. Graham is readily available to work with you to create a solid legal strategy.

What goes into a divorce plan?

A divorce plan is a legal strategy. It helps outline what you hope to achieve through divorce. When two people live their lives together for any length of time, their assets, obligations, needs, and goals change. There is, of course, a very big emotional obstacle to overcome in this process. At the same time, you also need to consider the actual function of divorce and what it means for you, including your assets, finances, ownership of property, child custody, and more. Your divorce plan helps you organize all of these objectives, helping you create a clear path forward.

What a divorce plan can help you with

When you meet with our divorce attorneys in New Orleans, we will discuss the specifics of your situation. Our goal is always to provide our clients with the best possible outcome so that when the divorce is finalized, you have as many resources as possible to support you.

There are numerous components that can be decided upon and put into a divorce plan. Here are some of the core questions we need to develop answers for within this plan:

  • Where will your children live?
  • Will one of you keep the home?
  • How will assets be divided in a way that is equitable for all involved?
  • How will debts be paid?
  • What steps will be taken to resolve disputes within the divorce process?
  • Who will the kids spend time with on holidays?
  • Who will make the decisions about the child’s care, including health care, religious upbringing, education, and other decisions?
  • Do you want to co-parent – is that possible?
  • Will interim spousal support be provided?
  • What will final spousal support look like, and how long will it last?

Take the time to consider all of the ways in which your life will change as a result of the divorce. If you and your ex worked together, owned a business together, purchased investments together, or had other legal obligations, how would those individual circumstances be managed through divorce?

It can be overwhelming to face all of these questions. However, when you know that there is a very strong need to file for divorce, take a deep breath and contact our divorce attorney in New Orleans. We will work with you to create a solid plan, one that outlines every one of these questions and any others that apply to your situation.

What is the value of having a divorce plan?

Having a plan like this in place provides remarkable support for you throughout the divorce process. We will discuss with you what your specific needs and goals are, and then we will work towards them. There are many times when what you want is not what the other party agrees to, and that makes this plan very helpful. It enables you to negotiate terms that may be ideal for both of you over time. Most importantly, it gives you the clarity you need to start piecing together your future.

Divorce is not just a simple transaction where decisions are made. It can be frightening and overwhelming. With the help of our divorce attorney, we will give you specific insight into your options and help to provide you with valuable clarity. You will:

  • Know what decisions need to be made
  • What the ideal situation is for you
  • What your life after divorce will look like
  • What legal strategies may be available to preserve your rights
  • What comes next

When you are prepared not only for the desired outcome but every other potential outcome, you can rest easy knowing a bit better what your life has to offer.

The importance of a plan for those who own a business

One of the more challenging aspects of divorce occurs when one or both couples own a business, significant investments, or a partnership with other parties. In these situations, there has to be a conversation about what your options are and how life will move forward, including the business itself.

When you discuss your divorce with our attorneys, we will talk about the ideal situation and the legal options. Some factors that may play a role in this include:

  • Do you want to maintain ownership of the business?
  • Will both parties be able to maintain a working relationship with each other?
  • If one takes ownership of the business, what will the other receive in return?
  • Who will make decisions about a co-owned business after divorce?
  • What happens to the ownership, management, and rights of all business owners after divorce?

Allow our attorneys to offer insight into this process. As a part of your divorce plan, it will outline what strategies may be best in your situation. We can help you explore various options and opportunities, piecing together a way to protect your business from claims that could otherwise run it.

Creating a divorce plan is best done with the help of a local, skilled divorce attorney who not only understands the law but also understands the local courts. At The Law Office of James A. Graham, we recognize the challenges you are facing, and we aim to provide you with the best possible plan to maintain the results you desire as much as possible under the law.

Set up a consultation with a divorce attorney in New Orleans now to learn more about what we can do to facilitate your divorce for you. Call or complete our contact form today.