Frequent Q&A

Is There a Fee for a Consultation?

No, we do not charge potential clients a fee for a consultation.

What Happens in a Consultation?

A consultation is the first meeting with the attorney. During this time, the attorney will learn about your particular case and review all of your legal options with you.

What Should I Bring to My Consultation?

Bring a list of questions to ask the attorney, so that all of your concerns can be addressed during that time. You should also bring copies of documents and any prior court orders or judgments related to your case, as well as anything that you have been served with recently.

How Will I Be Billed after I Have Retained My Attorney?

During your consultation, the attorney will inform you of your options for payment depending upon your specific case. This could be a flat fee, a contingency fee, or an advanced deposit. If an advanced deposit is required, the attorney will begin work on your case once it is paid and will then bill at their regular hourly rate. You will receive monthly invoices itemizing all work completed on your case, and indicating the funds that remain in your account.

How Do I Know If I Need an Attorney?

If you are unsure, please email us at or call 504.777.3625 to speak to one of our assistants.

Contact Us For a Free Consultation
Contact Us For a Free Consultation