Division of Property

New Orleans Divorce Lawyer Breaks Down Division of Property in Louisiana South Louisiana Lawyer Assists Clients in Keeping Property When Going Through a Divorce

While Louisiana law appears to be black and white when defining property and how it should be divided in a divorce, it can be much more complicated in the real world. At the Law Office of James A. Graham, we are focused on working with our clients to ensure they are educated and understand their rights and then preparing a sensible strategy for a fair partition of community property. Mr. Graham, with offices in both Slidell and New Orleans, works with clients in divorce cases throughout Southeast Louisiana.

Defining Community Property and Separate Property

When a marriage ends, so too does joint ownership of possessions. This means there is a division of property. In Louisiana, the general rule is that all assets and property attained during the marriage belongs equally to both spouses. These assets are known as “marital property” or “community property.” Louisiana courts try to equally divide community property during a divorce, but sometimes the spouses can negotiate with each other to determine who should keep what property. When partners cannot come to an agreement and things end in court, a judge will make these decisions with the intent of treating the parties equally. Mr. Graham will work with you to determine your goal and is dedicated to getting you results.

When people get married, they may both bring property into the relationship. Each person has his or her own property. This property is their own and does not usually get divided. It is “separate property.” At the Law Office of James A. Graham, we help clients prove what assets are separate and what assets are community.

Keeping the Home During a Divorce

In Louisiana, both spouses have an equal right to marital property, including houses bought during the marriage. More often than not, one of the individuals may want to keep their marital home in the Slidell or New Orleans-area. There may be an agreement as to who keeps the house, or they may choose to sell the property and split the proceeds. Just like the house, negotiations can ensue for cars and other assets bought during the marriage. As a family law attorney, Mr. Graham works with clients to lessen the burdens associated with divorce, keeping clients in their homes when possible.

Trust Our Highly Responsive Firm to Help You Keep Your Property in a Divorce

At the Law Office of James A. Graham, we have a strong reputation in the community. Throughout St. Tammany, Orleans, and surrounding Parishes, James is known as an established family law attorney who cares about his clients. You can trust that he will get the fair results you seek, when you are going through a divorce. Call us now at 985.202.8110 or contact us online to speak to an experienced attorney. We represent clients in courts on both the North Shore and the South Shore.

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