Co-Parenting Children after Divorce

January 31, 2017

Communicating with the mother or father of your children pending a divorce, is often easier said than done. However, when children are involved and the custody of the children is shared equally or joint between the parties, co-parenting guidelines are often put into play and required by the court.

So, what exactly are the standard co-parenting guidelines?

Each Parish will vary slightly on the specific language within these guidelines, with the concept generally being the same. The following is an example of the standard co-parenting guidelines in Jefferson Parish:

  1. To share information with each other about the children in a timely manner so as to coordinate and facilitate their parenting together. This information is not limited to medical, educational, social, psychological, and religious aspects of the children’s lives.

  2. All material, child sharing, court related and financial communications between the parents shall occur at a time when the children are not present or within hearing range. Communication regarding these issues shall not occur at times of exchanges of the children or during telephone visits with the children.

  3. Neither parent shall say or do anything in the presence or hearing of the children that would in any way diminish the children’s love or affection for the other parent, and shall not allow others to do so.

  4. Should either parent require child care for twenty-four (24) hours or longer when the child is in his/her care, the other parent shall have first option to provide such care.

  5. Each parent shall always keep the other informed of his/her actual address of residence, mailing if different, home, cell and work telephone numbers and any changes within twenty-four hours of such change occurring.

  6. Each parent shall inform the other as soon as possible of all school, sporting and other special activity notices and cooperate in the children’s consistent attendance at such events. Neither parent shall schedule activities during the other parent’s scheduled parenting time without notice to the other parent.

  7. Neither parent shall move the residence of the children out of state or within the state at a distance of more than seventy-five (75) miles from the other parent without giving the other party written notice as required by Louisiana Revised Statute 9:355.1 et seq.

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