Adult Name Change in Louisiana

The Law Office of James A. Graham has helped many people achieve a fresh start by going through the process of changing their name.  Frequent reasons for name changes include marriage, reclaiming a maiden name after divorce, adoptions, or for changing a business or personal image.

Louisiana adult residents can change their name in Louisiana by petitioning the court and asking for a name change.  This can be filed in the parish of your residence, the parish of your birth (if born in Louisiana), or the parish of venue for vital records. 
If you are currently in jail, you will need to petition the district court of the parish in which you were sentenced. However, if you were convicted of a felony, you cannot petition for a name change.  Only after you have completed your sentence for your felony conviction, including imprisonment and/or probation or parole, may you petition the district court for a name change, however, the district court reserves the right to deny your petition for a name change. 

 If you want to change your name on your original birth certificate from the state of Louisiana, you must send a certified copy of your final judgment to the Louisiana Vital Records Registry along with an Application to Amend a Certificate of Birth and the appropriate fee. 

The experienced staff at the Law Office of James A. Graham can assist you in completing the process for an adult name change quickly, correctly, and at a low cost, by avoiding unnecessary delays.  Contact us today for your free consultation. 

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